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  • Use 2nd hand / recycled boxes (add to the green initiative)
  • Size of boxes not exceeding 45cm*50Cm*50cm
  • Pack heavy items like books / cutlery into smaller boxes
  • Always fill boxes to the top.
  • Always seal the boxes 
  • Number the boxes (easy control)
  • Add the relevant room name / person name on the box, it will ease off loading
  • Use plastic Tubing on items where the items are light / white of coulor
  • For Long distance moves / storage make use of Plastic tubing / Bubble wrap
  • Always place TV’s in the upright position during moving
  • Keep fridge / Freezer doors open during storage periods
  • Update your records with your insurer (date of move)
  • Check on Access restrictions / policies at the new location (trucks are not always being allowed for loading and off- loading)